One year in Florida

Das letzte Wochenende war ziemlich cool.

Am Freitag hatten wir eine Parade in Plant City. Jede Vereinigung und jeder Club hat sich einen Wagen zurecht gemacht. Ich war mit der Band dort. Wir haben ununterbrochen Rudolf gespielt waehrend wir zwei Meilen marschiert sind. War irgendwie cool. Am Ende gabs kostenlos Hotdogs, kalte Getraenke und so'n Kram. Doch dann kam die Parade zu einem ploetzlichen still stehen. ein 9 Jahre alter Junge war von einem Wagen gefallen und von einem Truck ueberrollt worden...

Nach der Parade bin ich mit einen paar anderen zu Patrick's house gefahren. We watched some TV hung out and because it became so late and we wanted to go to an anti drug walk at school the next morning at 8 am I spent the night at Pat's house. Unfortuanetly we all slept till 12, so we missed it. Therefore we went and got some food. We went to Ihop, were we met a guy from band who worked at that time and, yea, we gave 'im a hard time^^ We left a good tip though, so thats allright.

So when i came home I vacuumed the house and got on the computer to check my mail, when I saw quite a few ppl online in skype. All of 'em had some empires stuff written in their message areas, and yea, when I borrowed Kory's headset and joined a conference with Soenke, Jens and Jan playin' empires^^ - funny.

Later on that day I went to a christmas Party. That was so great! The house of the family where the party took place is so big and so cool! The ppl where intelectual to a big degree and there was a bonfire in the bakcyard. Just great!

And on Sunday after church a guy, who i met a few weeks earlier invited me for lunch. He served a few years in the army and was stationed near Frankfurt; also his grandparents were germans so he felt like he had a connection to me. It was fun; we ate at a nice place in Tampa and he showed me a lil bit of the city.

10.12.07 17:11

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