One year in Florida

Wow, the past few days - weeks actually - have been really tiering. We went shopping soo many times. I got a few gifts for some of my friends, too, and i discovered that small European import store as a place to buy a bar of Milka chocolate for $2.50 or Ritter Sport for $2.20. But since the Americans dont know anything about good chocolate except for a small amounts of Lindt imports at bigger stores, that i have only seen Tom buy, it is totally worth buying.
So i bought candy for, like, 30 bucks or somethin' the other day and passed around a bag full of that delicious german stuff the last day of school before the holidays and they were all goin' wild because it was so good. - nice^^

What else did i do... that i still remember... ah, we had a bridge building contest between all students in a drafting class. We were to design a bridge  on a computer program that could hold a specific weight. The designer of the cheapest bridge that could still hold that weight would get $25.
Well what can i say... with the inborn engineering skills that any German has I won that contest by far. The funny thing was that nobody really seemed surprised - 'damn german engineering' ^^.

Ya, so that was cool another thing i did was one weekend i was suppost to play in the service on sunday, which i remembered the night before that day and i had my trumpet in school. So I had to get a trumpet somehow. I called Patrick, who always has a crapy trumpet at home besides his good one at school. And i managed to get his trumpet the next morning before church and everything went well - but that was exciting.^^

 So then Christmas we went to midnight mass at that catholic church, where Tom and Gaye usually go...

28.12.07 21:47

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