One year in Florida

Unbelievably! It has been more than a month since my last entry. Why does time go by so fast when you are enjoying it? Ya, so the school play, which is actually a musical is coming up on the 21st Feb. and I'm gonna have two base soli in it - exciting!! Practice is every day monday through thursday and saturdays - busy. What has happened since the last entry... I had a little money issue, when i ran out of cash (happens), but my ATM-card didn't work. I blamed SunTrust and Bank of America, although the real problem was, that my EC-Card was expired by 2008, as i found out by frustrated inspection of my card^^. Fortunately i followed daddie's advice to keep some traveler check at the bottom of a drawer 'just in case'. So that gave me some cash. Also in four envelopes came a sum of 80$, well hidden in paper, nice work. So now those crises are over^^. Last Saturday we had that thing called 'calender guy' at our school. Guys dressed up as super heroes and were judged on their performance. 13 winners were chosen who are gonna be in a calender (12 month + cover). One guy dressed up as 'the ultimate hero: Jesus Christ' He had a cup of water and poured some red powder in it - turned it into wine. After that contest, which was pretty funny, many members of the play cast and participants in the 'calender guy' contest went to a restaurant (called chillis), i met some more new ppl and got to know some better, that i already knew. It was a fun night. And i got a lil schedule: instead of weight training i now have philosophy honors, coolest class ever! its gettin pretty late so ttyl
29.1.08 05:04

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